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Esther  Carag

Esther Carag

Insurance Agent & Operations Manager

Esther Carag has been in the financial landscape since 2004, beginning as a processor in the mortgage industry. She then transitioned to becoming a life insurance professional in 2009.  She’s been helping clients design successful financial plans that not only addressed their current needs, but also realized their future of vacations, college funding, and retirement, ensuring more time to enjoy life.

Esther helps clients distinguish between the heavy burden of bad debt and the proper use of good debt to create lifetime income while being able to use assets today to fulfill goals. She, with Aquila Legacy Group, collaborates to design life plans that will allow clients to focus on the things that matter most, taking the pressure off and giving them control.

She loves reading and laughing with her husband and children and her walk with the Lord. Life with them pushes her to be better, adding passion to teach others to have #moretimemorelife.