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How We Help

Aquila Legacy Group builds programs that reward businesses and executives with strategies that help
the organization retain their revenue, attract the best talent while protecting their cash flow. By
offering cost recovery and executives benefits packages that allow you to generate substantial taxpreferred retirement distributions, your organization can accomplish stability and profitability in a costeffective and mutually beneficial manner.

We believe that a relationship-driven approach with you ensures we fully understand your specific
needs as a fiduciary to provide the best advice. With our E.P.I.C. process, after you complete our
discovery forms, our goal is to educate you on the concept and strategies we employ to help us better
design a plan with a focus on your income today and in the future, giving you complete control, so
you can make informed financial decisions that are in your best interest.

1. Cost Recovery Plan (CRPs) helps recover part of monies spent on expenses or investments
while still earning on your dollar improving cash flow and ROI.

2. Structured Optimized Life Insurance (SOLIs) / Economic Benefit Program is a revolutionary
‘Deferred Compensation Plan’ for key executives that enables the company to create an asset
where there would normally be an expense.

3. Qualified Distribution Solution (QDS) is a tax reduction strategy using existing qualified plans for tax relief on the distribution.

Each strategy is customized to fit your organization’s specific needs and can include several different product options, as well as, evaluating anything that is already in place. We will work with you to find the best fit. 

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