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Paul and Esther reside in Renton, WA and have been married for 15 years working together to help clients understand and enjoy the benefits of safe money. They have two wonderful children, a daughter 15 and a son, 14. When they are not helping clients, you can find them on a basketball court, golf course or range or reading books, enjoying movies and an occasional video game.

We’ve learned that the amount you distribute or withdraw from your cash flow or savings in conjunction with your lifespan will determine whether you live comfortably or run out of money. We want you to think less about how much you have and more about how you will spread out what you have so that it will last the rest of your life. Simply put, we want you to do what you want, with who you want, when you want without ever worrying about money. We believe permanent insurance works with every financial decision you have to make - making those decisions better.

Proudly educating and serving clients in the great states of Arizona - 5760295, California – 0H44504, Colorado - 535932, Florida - W967433, Hawaii - 562337, Idaho - 376192, Louisiana - 921638, Nevada - 912148, New Hampshire – 5760295, Oregon - 5760295, South Carolina - 5760295, Tennessee - 3001232239, Texas - 2063048, Utah - 376054 and Washington - 149017.

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